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Sunderland Group Sponsored E&O Program

Welcome to the Sunderland Group Sponsored Errors & Omissions Program. Affordable and comprehensive E&O Insurance for Life & Health agents. This Group Errors and Omissions policy provides Claims Made and Reported coverage for acts, errors or omissions arising out of the rendering of or failure to render Professional Services as a licensed life, accident and health Agent.

Enroll Now for 1/1/2024 and later Effective Date

Program Benefits include:

Multiple Coverage options – Purchased only what you need

No Policy Aggregate – You do not share your limit with other enrolled agents

Defense Costs are outside the limit!

First Dollar Defense – You pay no deductible on defense costs

Deductibles as low as $500 per claim

Regulatory Defense $25,000 per agent

Enhanced Cyber Liability Coverage up to $100,000 per agent

Insolvency carveback for any Life & A&H Insurance Companies rated "B+" or better by A.M. Best

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2024 - 2025:

  • Specimen Policy

    Enrollment Packet


2024 - 2025:

  • Specimen Policy

    Enrollment Packet


*The information obtained from A.M. Best dated March 8, 2023 is not in any way CalSurance Associates’ warranty or guaranty of the financial stability of the insurer in question, and that the information is current only as of the date of publication.


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